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Craft Hong Kong

Jane Li, founder of Craft Hong Kong, is a jewelry designer who has won multiple jewelry design awards. 

Jane studied at the Gemological Institute of America (GIA), and is a Graduate Gemologist.

She has been deeply attracted to Chinese culture since her childhood. Whilst studying Chinese calligraphy, she came into contact with stone seal (chop) engraving and fell in love with this traditional craft.

Seal engraving by hand is a rare art form. The fonts expressed by hand seal engraving generally have a sense of rhythm. The lines are simple, rhythmic and natural. In contrast, the characters in machine seal engraving are relatively rigid.

Jane integrates the concepts of jewelry design into seal engraving. Along with engraving various characters for customers, she also sources rare seal stones. Rare seal stones are both beautiful and increasingly valuable; they are considered by many people to be attractive long-term investments. They have far-reaching cultural significance.

Crafthongkong is managed by YANGthinks. YANG = Your Artist Nurturing Ground